Harvesting Natures Larder

The Gourmet Forager

The Gourmet Forager has evolved over many years due to my love of foraging and my passion for good food. I grew up tickling trout and plucking Crayfish from the chalk streams of the Cotswold's. For the past twenty years, I have lived in North Devon and I've found an abundance of the most luxurious foods that nature has to offer. From Lobsters and Chanterelle Mushrooms to Wild Morello Cherries, wild food is nutritious, always in season and the best part is that its free!

We compliment these luxurious foods with a wealth of home grown ingredients from our own small holding and a selection of the finest products from local artisan producers.

We will show you how to identity, harvest and cook a multitude of gourmet delights from the seashore, hedgerows and woodlands, including:

- Lobster
- Wild Greens
- Mussels
- Crabs
- Cherries
- Prawns and shrimp
- Chanterelle Mushrooms
- Clams
- Seaweeds
- Porcini Mushrooms
- Sea Beat
- Marsh Samphire
- Truffles

Ranging from a two-hour introductory session to a full weekend of gourmet food straight from natures larder, our courses have something for everyone. We are also happy to accommodate bespoke sessions tailored to your exact needs, this includes foraging on your own land, corporate events and stag and hen parties.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you require more information.

The Gourmet Forager

The Wholelife Project, Ashford EX31 4BW
Tel: 07977112678